Just like the fit of McAlson's boxer shorts, Esign developed a perfect fit between online marketing and webshop. A straightforward digital strategy with a focus on international branding on the one hand and sales and growth on the other hand.

McAlson's tagline is "The ultimate male comfort". It’s safe to say that Esign went for the ultimate shop comfort. With design & web development that is user-friendly, accessible and timeless. Moreover, Esign opted for an always-on marketing campaign structure. This means that a large group of potential buyers will always get to see McAlson's underwear. That way, McAlson stays top of mind. Naturally, Esign used targeted and thematic campaigns to respond to seasonal periods such as public holidays.

Complete digital implementation

Qualitative leads for a fair budget

Small or large budget, the goal at Esign is always to collect the highest quality leads at the lowest cost possible. To determine the online strategy for McAlson, we did not deviate from that idea. By dividing the target audience into phases of the purchase process, we make it possible to reach only relevant traffic in a cost-effective manner, so interested consumers will convert. The result? Satisfied customers!

Live dashboard

Not only our campaigns are always on, our analyses are too. We use a live dashboard in which we can track the performance of the campaigns, every minute of every day. As a result, we are always up to date and can improve campaigns within the blink of an eye. Another advantage is that the dashboard is so transparent that we also give our clients access to it. For example, during the traffic campaign McAlson was able to see that after scaling up their budget, they had almost twice as many customers on their website.

The ultimate shop comfort

We wouldn't be Esign if we didn't allow the customers we attract through online marketing to shop on a webshop that's perfect to the last detail. Our developers created a future proof website for McAlson in 2018. As a Shopify partner, the site was completely submerged in the platform, and our own Polyglot translation app was incorporated. This ensures that visitors around the world can buy McAlson's underwear in their own language. Thanks to daily optimizations and improvements, the webshop is still effortlessly user-friendly today.


Curious to know how we will lead your customers to a user-friendly webshop with well thought-out marketing?