Content Marketeer with experience

In daily life, you may not be a seducer, but your texts make everyone melt... Your bio on LinkedIn and Instagram are a sample of to-the-point and spot-on copy. You're subscribed to dozens of newsletters and you're never not absorbing content. You're in luck, we would love to have someone like that on our team!

Content marketeer is the right word for the new addition we are looking for. Because you're not just a copywriter, nor are you a strategist pur sang. You want a bit of everything, and that's possible in our experienced marketing team. All that matters is copywriting, online advertising, SEO, social media management, content creation and data analytics. All day every day. Lovely, isn't it?

What should a Content Marketer at Esign be able to do? 👇

  • You can write a sentence or two flawlessly... In the tone of voice of different brands and with a higher strategic goal in mind.
  • You write and manage content for websites, blogs, social media, newsletters and so on.
  • Your content can inform, convince, charm... You name it and you get the message across. 
  • You set up content strategies and analyse them. Because that content must be profitable (in the long term), of course.
  • SEO developments have not escaped your notice and you can implement them flawlessly in existing and new texts.
  • You brainstorm on newsletter content and other digital communication.
  • You get inspiration from everywhere. Researching is in your genes and you know what consumers and competitors are doing. 
  • Image, photography or video is also one of your (beginning) passions. 

What about the team?

When it comes to online marketing, our clients have nothing to worry about. Esign has already set up numerous digital campaigns for clients such as TADAAM, Jeune Premier, Flamant, McAlson, Dierendonck, Mister Barish…  Esign's marketers work on creative campaigns and we’re on a mission to find someone to stand by us with outstanding content creation. Someone who is as resourceful as fun 😉. Important side note? Achieving strategic objectives for clients, that is a challenge we like to take on together. There is no I in TEAM. Right?



  • You are a storyteller by nature and can just sweep people off their feet with a story. 
  • You have experience and like writing varied content: informative, formal or just a bit playful.
  • You have a commercial approach and are customer-friendly. 
  • You have strong creative and analytical skills.
  • You want to reach as many people as possible and are aware that communication in other languages is almost a must, also in e-com, for example!
  • You have a wide range of interests. You want to help spread the qualities and values of any brand.
  • You are someone who is eager to learn about all things digital. Is that one programme not working how you want it to? Speak up, there are no stupid questions!


We offer

Not only are we digital Bob the Builders - we also help build your career.

  • A diverse job as a Content Marketer full of challenges.
  • A feel-good office that's easily accessible by car, public transport, boat, jetski or (beer) bike.
  • Lunch on our sun-drenched terrace, whenever the weather allows it. Oh, and we love fries.
  • A client base like no other: McAlson, KAA Gent, Jeune Premier, Julie’s House, ...
  • Market-competitive salary & fringe benefits.
  • Deluxe toilet paper (for your comfort only), only when you feel good, you will be your most productive self. Right?
  • And real cool colleagues!

Parttime or fulltime job? Anything is possible and negotiable. We're flexible, just like you!

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