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Recognise this? You’re an online marketer, but you don’t like to be pigeonholed. You love to set up digital campaigns, but there’s so much more to you that you want to show the world. You wake up with a ton of creative ideas, which you flawlessly transform into digital strategies. You have a head for metrics, but you also enjoy putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes and you're able to reach them through different channels.

Is this creative-technical combo perfect for you, then you are the online marketing genius that we’re looking for. Join our experienced marketing team, where you will be soaked in a bath of online advertising, SEO, copywriting, social media management and web analytics. 

This is what keeps our team busy every day 👇

When it comes to online marketing, our clients have nothing to worry about. Esign has already set up numerous digital campaigns for clients such as TADAAM, Jeune Premier, Flamant, McAlson, Dierendonck… We trust that you have the right technical skills, but that doesn’t make you a data analyst. Above all, Esign's marketers work on creative campaigns and we’re on a mission to find someone to stand by us - resourceful and a little fun, if it’s not too much to ask 😉. You will support our team in optimizing all online communications (websites, social media, mailings...). We hope you are wildly enthusiastic about the data behind your campaigns, because you just know you need them to create even better ones. Just because the year is 2020 and we started working remotely, doesn’t mean that you’ll be working by yourself to reach our client’s strategic goals. We’re a team, and there is no I in team. Right?



  • Someone who plots creative and visually strong online advertisements with us, and without losing sight of the customer's brand identity.
  • Someone who comes up with online campaigns and (marketing) concepts, and on top of that doesn't forget about the data analytics. Optimising your campaigns is second nature to you.
  • Someone who takes initiative and puts creative and innovative ideas on the table. The sky is the limit. 
  • Someone who has knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Data Studio, Facebook Business Manager, automated marketing, maybe even YouTube advertising or Marketplaces...
  • Someone who's a true team player and wants to make our online marketing team huuuge. 
  • Someone who can amaze us with other digital skills (email marketing, video, photo...) is a plus!
  • Someone who wants to learn (and keep on learning) about all things digital.

Your job

  • You will be working with a team of online marketers who have a regular sit-down together and will give you all the freedom in the world to express your ideas.
  • You strategically combine different online channels and inspire the people around you with your enthusiasm and creative brains. 
  • You know how to surprise our clients with marketing ideas related to their brand, products and services.
  • You are a busy bee, you monitor and analyse advertisements and campaigns and make adjustments when necessary. You are not afraid to take matters into your own hands, because there's always room for improvement!
  • You know how to clearly communicate your analyses and thinking, especially to computer-illiterates.


We offer

Not only are we digital Bob the Builders - we also help build your career.

  • A feel-good office that's easily accessible by car, public transport, boat, jetski or (beer) bike.
  • Lunch on our sun-drenched terrace, whenever the weather allows it. Oh, and we love fries.
  • A client base like no other: McAlson, KAA Gent, Jeune Premier, Julie’s House, ...
  • Market-competitive salary & fringe benefits.
  • Deluxe toilet paper (for your comfort only), only when you feel good, you will be your most productive self. Right?
  • And real cool colleagues!

Parttime or fulltime job? Anything is possible and negotiable. We're flexible, just like you!

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