PHP Back-end developer websites / web applications

Would you like to gain experience in building websites and web applications? Do you get impatient when you think about working on web solutions? And preferably in good company? The Esign promise: lots of good vibes and challenging projects.

PHP Back-end developer websites / web applications

Are you the future genius we didn't know existed? Do you have the classic features of a promising back-end developer?

  • Good PHP & MySQL knowledge
  • Experience with MVC frameworks (Laravel)
  • Calls to different API's (REST, SOAP, GraphQL)
  • A history with HTML, CSS and Javascript

And you know your way around version control system GIT.

Code is like humor. If you have to explain it, it's bad.

Basic knowledge is a must. But at Esign you can fall back on a strong and fun team of developers with experience. Are you eager to learn in your job? Great! Do your friends describe you as an analytic troubleshooter? Even better! Are you also structured in your work, and do you stay savage (most of the time), even in stress situations?

Alrighty then!

Are you just delighted at the thought of programming and maintaining our webshops, websites and web applications? Monitoring new technologies and trends is a philosophy you live by. Experience with Shopify isn't necessary, but a huge plus.


What do we offer you?

If you've come this far, we salute you! (Or you've just scrolled through to what we have to offer, fair enough...) Sounds like a perfect match, if you ask us. Now let us convince you.

  • A feel-good office that's easily accessible by car, public transport, boat, jetski or (beer) bike
  • Lunch on our sun-drenched terrace, whenever the weather allows it
  • A client base like no other: KAA Gent, Jeune Premier, Julie’s House, ...
  • Market-competitive salary & fringe benefits
  • Deluxe toilet paper (for your comfort only), only when you feel good, you will be your most productive self. Right?
  • Coffee in galore!

Can you work with that? We give upcoming talents the chance to really develop in an open and enthusiastic atmosphere. Don't be a stranger, we would love to discuss the possibilities together. 

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