Tools & support for e-mail marketing

Direct mailings have always been a very effective marketing tool. E-mail and online mailings offer even more possibilities to directly target your clients and prospects.

The result is that everybody is sending mailings like crazy, without any strategic plan, often just spamming and in the process annoying people. This greatly reduces the efficiency of this superb marketing tool. We will show you how it should be done and ensure you the best possible results.

Campaign design

Based on your requirements we can develop templates, or we can customize your mailings step by step.

E-mail management

We can handle all your e-mail marketing in-house or we can show you how to handle it yourself. We use Campaign Monitor, a popular software tool that offers you a lot of advantages over similar tools:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Customisable templates
  • Advanced statistics
  • Split testing
  • Possible to pay per campaign instead of a monthly fee

Result analysis

Sending out a professional and successful e-mail campaign is one thing, but the aim must always be to make things even better. The advantage of e-mail campaigns is that everything can be analyzed to perfection. We can track down all data, measure the efficiency and with that ensure that the necessary adjustments are made to make your following campaign even more successful.

More information?

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