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Implementing the online marketing strategy of a revolutionary product like TADAAM? Yes, please! As a digital agency, we proudly share the same core values as TADAAM: strategy, innovation and creativity.

A groundbreaking product

Internet and TV that you can take along, anywhere, anytime. That’s right: no cables, no technicians, just unlimited surfing and watching TV, using only a power plug. TADAAM created a clever box that uses mobile technology, so no need for coax or vDSL cables. An innovative and exciting project on which we gladly unleashed our marketing expertise.

What did we do?

  • Strategy
  • SEO analysis
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Advertising on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Website analysis with Hotjar
  • Analysis with Google Analytics
  • Tracking through Google Tag Manager
  • Blog posts

Online marketing
in all its glory

Launching a product that we support is a fun task, but there’s a whole lot of marketing wisdom involved, of course. With a strategic approach, our online marketers dived in deep. Because TADAAM is a new product, we started their online marketing from scratch. We primarily focused on a clear tone of voice and plan of action.


Target groups & goals

When a new product is launched, brand awareness is an objective that cannot be missed. TADAAM is a brand with tangible USP’s, which we bundled and communicated to the Belgian market. But to which Belgians exactly? Selecting the right target group is an essential step in setting up an online campaign. Do you settle on one or multiple target groups? Which languages do they speak? What’s their profile and where can we find them? Our digital team started looking for answers. We set up campaigns in different phases, with a well-considered goal for every communication channel and target group.


Combining campaigns

Because of the wide range of channels to promote your brand on, online marketing is about making the right choices. After a thorough SEO analysis, Esign’s online marketing team created Google Ads campaigns for TADAAM in the Search and Display network. Brand name campaigns were combined with generic campaigns for all the different USP’s. For the Display campaigns our online marketers worked closely together with an in-house designer and copywriter. With their creative and goal-oriented visuals and copy in multiple languages, we took it a step further.


Social media advertising

Social media is perfect to create awareness for your brand. That’s why Esign couldn’t get too greedy when it comes to using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to broadcast the TADAAM box. What does that entail? Themed social media advertisements for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas, for example. Or retargeting campaigns on LinkedIn to stay top-of-mind. The visuals and copy for those and similar campaigns is an expertise we offer in-house.


The result

Once the first campaigns have been set up, the time has come for the more analytic work. For all campaigns, we started with a limited budget. With tools such as Google Analytics and Google Datastudio our marketers, our marketers work digital wonders. They cautiously dissect the numbers behind every campaign and optimise them in order for them to triumph. Budgets are gradually increased, depending on the online campaign’s success.

The outcome? In a few months time, no less than one third of all website visitors landed on the TADAAM website, thanks to our Google and social ads. With just organic content, these are all visitors that would have been missed. The best part? Esign can do the same for you.

Yes, please!