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Van Hool

Van Hool

The road is ahead! Van Hool’s tagline. Exactly that was the goal we had in mind at Esign while redesigning the website of Belgium’s most known bus constructor.

Van Hool, the road is ahead!

Elegance and efficiency in transport is the core business of Van Hool. Every year they manufacture over 1.400 buses and coaches and as many as 4.000 commercial vehicles across Europe. The company is undoubtedly the market leader in the sector in Belgium and picks up the leading role in various export markets. Exactly what their website should represent. Coming to Esign seemed to be the kick-off of a very succesful co-operation.
The brief

To a higher level

What they do and how they do it, is what the Van Hool website should be putting forward, in a clear and simple way. Van Hool is all about authenticity, experience, quality and an eminent expertise. The Rolls Royce among buses, you could say. A deliberate structure and a clear layout have to beef up their image and lift their branding to a higher level.

Van Hool
Van Hool

Bring it to the table

Right up our alley. Esign’s UX-experts worked their way through all the available content and established an extended and detailed structure of the website. Each target audience will easily find what they need on the website. Whether you’re a potential client looking for the ideal bus, an applicant looking for available vacancies or a journalist looking for any specifics on Van Hool. We chucked the outdated system of PDF’s containing detailed information and integrated every bit of it into the website. We put a comprehensive platform on the table.

Van Hool
Van Hool

A consistent and bright design

We effectively elevated their branding to a higher level. Consistent shades of blue support the overall structure, while advised white space keeps it calm and clear. In that way, the website isn’t only pleasant in use, but also easier to browse on. Putting effort into qualitative photography was the right choice. The website gained more visual appeal.

  • Clean white #FFFFFF
  • Azure blue #459BCC
  • Dark blue #022B41
Van Hool
Van Hool
Responsiveness thought through

Advanced accessibility

You don’t have to be an expert to get to know everything about Van Hool’s extended range in a fast and nifty way. The handy navigation brings you seamlessly from one model to the other or from the buses to the tank trailers.

We’ve optimized the structure of the product overview. It’s not only more aesthetic, but also more efficient in use. You can easily view product specifications or request more information about a specific type. It doesn’t matter if your browsing on your pc, tablet or smartphone, the well advised responsive design ensures the best user experience on every single device. A must as most users are mobile these days.

Van Hool

Quick and functional

What users don’t always see, are the refined functionalities that make a great website. It detects for example from which country you are browsing and shows the content in the corresponding language. Our back end developers integrated an external platform for vacancy management. Adjusting content on their own is made possible through Esign’s CMS, called Unleash.

At Van Hool they’re incredibly proud of all their productions, that’s the reason why they’ve established a vast network of licensed workshops. Via the functionality ‘find a service point’, the owners of a Van Hool vehicle can find the closest workshop for maintenance or repair. By being able to contact them directly, customers all around the world are being assisted enormously.

Van Hool
The result

A unique website

An astonishing result and a happy customer. Esign is very proud of the new website they created for and together with Van Hool. We drove the bus constructor into the 21st century with an elegant and efficient result.