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Customer survey enquete


At Esign, we make every effort to provide outstanding service for your brand. Therefore, we would like to ask you a few short questions. By doing so, we can continue to grow and optimise together towards the best possible collaboration.

Thank you for your time!

1. How satisfied are you with the general service we offer you?
0 = least satisfied, 10 = most satisfied
2. How satisfied are you with the overall service we offer you?
4. How satisfied are you with the communication with your contact person within Esign?
0 = least satisfied, 10 = most satisfied
5. How would you best describe our communication?
7. How clear are the objectives and associated actions for the next 2 months?
0 = unclear, 10 = very clear
7b. If the objectives are not sufficiently clear; what do you lack the necessary insights about?