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Data analysis

Curious to know what is going on in the market? What you excell in and which of your issues could and should be tackled? An analysis of your online data tells you who your visitors are, which pages they are visiting, how they have reached you, and so much more.

Analysis of your current situation

It all begins with your current situation. To choose a clear course, you need to know where you are standing, what your ambitions are and then clearly formulate them. With that information, we focus on helping you reach your targets. We investigate the opportunities on the market, where your online traffic is coming from and where there still is room for improvement.

Datastudio rapport

Online data are everywhere. This can be a scary thought, but to your company, those data are really good news. By monitoring your web pages and collecting the most useful online statistics, our digital experts are always two steps ahead. Esign uses tools such as Datastudio to visualize your website traffic, online ads and other communication channels. In an uncluttered rapport, we provide our clients with a monthly collection of the most useful numbers and figures from Datastudio.


Web visitors leave traces. After setting up your digital campaigns, we apply the next step: we monitor the numbers behind your campaigns. But that's not all. Our digital natives also present some valuable recommendations and improvements, completely tailored to your needs.