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Start selling on marketplaces

You lack the know-how, time and experience for a swift start-up of your own sales on marketplaces

Start selling on marketplaces

Our roadmap

  1. Research


    Before we can effectively start, it is important to examine the right data. Together we explore the potential for your products and make a selection in terms of product range. In addition, we choose the right sales model. With the right preparation, the chances of success increase significantly!

  2. Account Registration

    Account Registration

    Without a seller's account you can't get started. We will help you create your own account properly and completely.

  3. Product Listing

    Product Listing

    Customers can't physically touch your product. That's why you have to make sure that everything is shown in a clear, attractive and concise way. Together we will examine how we can best position your product and help you work out the optimal listing.

  4. Advertising


    Unfortunately, the chances of you being the only one who wants to sell your type of product have become very slim. Therefore it is crucial to give the necessary visibility to your product(s). We develop and implement a marketing plan tailored to your specific product range.

  5. Account Management

    Account Management

    Once your account and products are active, it is important to keep a close eye on a number of things. Is the stock level of the products under control? Are there specific customer questions? Is the marketing aspect working and are the expenses in line with the sales? Together we make sure that the machine doesn't sputter and everything runs smoothly.