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Analysis of your current situation

Unstructured data doesn't seem to end. Our experienced data-analysts interpret these for you. Because a rigorous analysis of your online traffic gives you insights in your current situation and performance.

Launching an online campaign or a new platform based on gut feeling, is a no-go in this digital era. Firstly, you need to know where you're standing. A rigorous analysis of your current online traffic enables you to understand your situation. Different analytic tools allow us to know your web visitors' behaviour and to bring up your company's sore points.

Time to pull out the big guns

We collect and analyse your web statistics. That enables you to have a clear image of where you are and which improvements can be made. We visualize all these data in a straightforward report. There, you see at a glance different practical graphs and charts, so you know how your online channels score in a certain period. What is your visitors' click behaviour, how much time do they spend on your website, at what time are they most active? Our data-analysis provides you an answer to those questions and more. Only by going to the core of your situation and pulling out the big guns like Esign, you can convince your digital visitors.

Discover how we improve your stats

At Esign, we collect online data in a practical overview. That is convenient if you want to compare your previous statistics with your current online campaigns. That way, you are up to speed on your current return. But we kick our performance into high gear and instantly relieve your pain with our tools and reports. Our online marketeers and data-analysts interpret your online data like no one else. Every month, they provide valuable recommendations and customized improvements that intensify your online campaigns.