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Marketing automation

Overwhelmed by your to-do list? Act decisively and adopt a marketing automation strategy: it helps you broadcast customized messages to your audience. Esign not only creates them, but wraps them up nicely, too.

As an organisation, you want to be in direct contact with your target group, but that takes time. With marketing automation, we apply an automated approach (you don't say...) for your communication, but it mainly is efficient and it saves you money and time. It improves your customers' experience and gives them the impression that you speak to them individually. But it takes some technical knowledge. Our marketing team is completely up to speed on the latest software and builds a custom-made marketing automation strategy.

Key ingredients: technical knowledge and impressive writing

Esign's online professionals use marketing automation software to present automated messages to potential customers. Why is that not only convenient, but also indispensable nowadays? Simple: with the right advice, the communication to your customers becomes more personal, efficient and it saves you money. Don't know how to kickstart? Our team gladly takes on the challenge. 

In all shapes and sizes

Marketing automation takes on numerous forms. One of them is e-mail marketing. Are you sending out an e-mail once in a while? That's a start, but we can do better. You can't just uniformely communicate to loyal customers and new ones. In many cases, you spook loyal customers with irrelevant and off-topic content. But it's impossible to send a personal e-mail to every customer with a message detached that could be interesting to them. Marketing automation offers some middle ground. You give segments of your customers regular updates, promotions or other messages, aligned with your online strategy and goals. Targeting and segmentation enable you to only reach those people that could actually take action.