Online advertising

Advertising isn't what it used to be. Thank goodness! In 2019 it is more specific, fluent and personal than ever. Our marketers can manage it like no one else.

Your clients and target audience are the beating heart of your company. To reach them online, our experience marketeers set up well-founded online campaigns, manage them and evaluate their effectiveness afterwards. You can reach your target group by using the right content, but you can also boost your online traffic with an online marketing strategy or online advertising. These advertisements are immediately visible, because it brings about tangible results. By advertising on social giants such as Facebook and Instagram or on search engines like Google, we deliver your message to the ideal customer. 

Boost your numbers fast

The advantage of online advertising: immediate results. Not only do you expand your global reach, but your company also benefits from SEA and tools such as Google AdWords because they help you reach exactly the right people. You certainly 'google something' every now and then, just like your potential customers. Google has an enormous reach and with the right technical skills, your message grasps exactly those people who are interested in it. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is suitable for every budget, big or small. While SEO is extremely valuable to improve your organic search traffic, SEA makes your online Google ads visible, even better and faster.

Campaigns on social media

Is your brand mostly active on social media? Apart from Google ads, we also create social media advertising campaigns for your company. Social media advertising campaigns: that is quite a mouthful. It's as much as sponsored posts and advertisements on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Depending on where your potential customers are, we invest in one or multiple social platforms. Through one of our advertisements, possible customers immediately reach your website or webshop. That's why we find it important to align your website and social networking sites. When they are tuned, you serve your web visitor a clear, consistent and convincing message.