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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our digital team helps you with your web pages' SEO optimizations. Because a higher ranking in the search results simply generates more conversions. Curious why?

The lion's share of the consumers goes on a digital witch hunt before they purchase an item online. Therefore, it is essential that your brand can be found efficiently and fast online. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we make sure your website is easy to find in search engines such as Google. And that's a must: research shows that users that reach your brand through a search term are more likely to purchase an item than through traditional advertising. You are missing out on many potential customers if you abandon SEO. 

SEO, or fully using search engines' potential

We write content on your website and social networks in human language, of course. But to convince search engines such as Google, you need to find out what your target group is looking for. Among other things, we identify which search terms your target audience is using and which content appeals most to them. If you're in the loop, we align your content with their wishes and expectations. And the optimization of your website undeniably entails more conversions, because customers immediately see content that is relevant to them. Moreover, if your web pages are easy to find, your brand is more credible to web users. They assume you are a major player in your market. Esign takes action to improve your digital stats.

Where are your target group's frictions?

SEO gives you the perfect occasion to win over web users that aren't familiar with your brand yet. We place ourselves in the shoes of your target audience. Are your web pages user friendly, appealing and accessible in their eyes? Do visitors see relevant information and are they being triggered to take action? Are your pages clearly visible on amll digital devices? With our uncluttered report about your online statistics you immediately know where the problem lies. Our monthly data-analysis actually gives you powerful insights and updates of your website or webshop's performance. That way, your website has a higher ranking in Google's search results.