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We are excited to announce that we are in the process of translating our website into English to enhance your browsing experience. While we work on the English version, you can explore our new Dutch version. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for visiting!

KAA Gent

KAA Gent in a new outfit

As a football fan you want to be able to do 3 things: easily buy the shirt of your favourite player, buy a ticket for every home & away match and, if you can't go yourself, watch every match online. That's why Esign revamped the website, developed a new webshop and launched Streamic for KAA Gent.

The website of KAA Gent was in dire need of a few batteries. So Esign went to work with the focus on an optimal & modern experience for the visitor.

Webshop & website

The webshop was rebuilt from scratch. Our developers made use of components that enable them to easily make changes to the webshop. Perhaps a nice extra that you don't see on every site: text and images scale with the site. When you look at a larger screen, the images and text will scale proportionally.

Webshop & website

Streamic for KAA Gent

Streamic is innovative in many ways for a football club or a sports club in general. As a fan, you get a unique look behind the scenes and you can also follow live matches. In addition, the platform contains various features that can be activated, making it much more interactive for the user. Think of polls during a match, a lobby where you can discuss the match with your football friends or where you can directly ask questions to specific players. Streamic was built by our developers in such a way that it can easily be extended with features that might be interesting for your sports club. Check out the possibilities on the website:

Streamic for KAA Gent

Single sign-on

The three digital creations above are all glued together with the single sign-on. The single sign-on makes it possible for the visitor to log in once and move through the various platforms and make purchases. So there is no more hassle with different passwords. A plus for the customer experience.

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