The English version of our website is outdated.

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of translating our website into English to enhance your browsing experience. While we work on the English version, you can explore our new Dutch version. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for visiting!


Selling or renting out a property? Clepper makes it carefree.

Talking about a game changer... This flexible real estate platform is exactly what you need when you want to sell or rent out your home. Why? It's you who decides what'll be sourced out. Build your own customized package through a useful wizard on this brand new website.

User-friendly wizard

If a wizard instantly makes you think of Hagrid - Harry, yer a wizard? - we're going to have to disappoint you. This is not a case dedicated to your favourite Harry Potter character, sadly. In the dev world, a wizard is a tool meant to guide visitors step by step on the website. There is ofcourse a certain logic behind it, to ensure that no user experiences any kind of UX issues. In fact, all you need to do is clicking 'Continue'. Or 'previous' or 'exit', but developing a clear linear flow is our main focus. The only way is forward!

User-friendly wizard

What did we do?

  • Website & icons design in line with branding
  • Front-end development website
  • Development of UX-friendly wizard
  • Slider that enables value estimation with a formula that indicates how much you can save up
  • Back-end development in our CMS Unleash
Clepper website

UX and personalisation

First of all, you can leave your name, which will be remembered throughout the whole session, even if you leave the wizard. This allows Clepper to take on a much more personal approach. Each step is linked to a couple of conditions that have to be checked before going to the next step. You didn't fill in a particular value? Then you can't go to the next step. Don't worry, a pop-up will appear with an explanation as to why you cannot continue.

UX and personalisation

Extra features on the website

Apart from the formula-based slider that shows you how much you can save up thanks to Clepper, there is also a special mouse on the website. The round navigator changes when you hover over a menu-item or other clickable text. There is an integration with Messenger, all nicely adapted to the Clepper colours and brand logo. Moreover, all text on the website can be edited in our own CMS Unleash, even the text in the wizard!

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