Mister Barish

Mister Barish

From blog to Shopify store. Esign has developed a custom-made all-inclusive webshop for these coffee experts. Add to that well-thought-out online marketing, and you have yourself a success story.

From blog to elaborate Shopify store

It’s not a coincidence that Mister Barish is a combination of ‘Barista’ and ‘to cherish’. To share their knowledge, tips & tricks, but mostly their love for the aromatic black deliciousness, they started a blog about anything and everything related to coffee. About badass machines and coffee beans, enriched with founded reviews. They obtained an expertise that they no longer wanted to keep for themselves. With marketing campaigns by our hand we support their unique concept.

The total package

What did we do?

  • Shopify webshop with custom functionalities
  • Design with dynamic pages
  • Strategy
  • SEO analysis
  • Google Ads (Search, Display, Shopping)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Website analysis with Hotjar
  • Analysis through Google Analytics
  • Tracking via Google Tag Manager
  • Lead generation
  • Continuous monitoring

Indispensable digital marketing

March 2020 turned out to be a stir crazy month, where plenty of companies had to find a way to be online focussed. Allocating the right marketing tools is more important than ever. With automated marketing, Google advertising, social media advertising, … we bring visitors where they want to be: on the online store that leaves behind a smell of delightful coffee.


Everything under the same online roof

The webshop does not only need to shine, it also needs to attract the right visitors. Gathering the web development and the online marketing setup under the same roof, has its advantages. We collect all information on Mister Barish and his strategy in-house. And because the digital terms are no stranger to the brain behind Mister Barish (spoiler alert, his name isn’t really Mister Barish), he likes to think with us when setting up target-oriented campaigns.

Far-reaching campaigns

Years of working on an elaborate content database pays off: of course, there’s a lot of faithful coffee fans rifling through. With all this information, we set up digital campaigns to generate leads. That way, for example, we can offer exclusive and relevant content in exchange for an e-mail address, to start tracking the gathered data and cater more content to the target group. In brief, it’s a far-reaching collaboration with thorough campaigns. 

SEO-wise, the knowledge database also is a goldmine. Are you unfamiliar with fancy barista terms? We guarantee you can find the coffee term you’re searching for in this database.

A shop with added value

We’re not going to deny it, Esign is an expert when it comes to Shopify. We created a modest design, over which they have full control behind the scenes. If they want to highlight a specific collection of products or a page on the homepage, we made that possible with only two mouse clicks. 

Thanks to Shopify Analytics, you can manage the number of visitors, the transactions on your shop, your conversion rate, … on the dashboard or in a small report. There, we can see that with a small investment in marketing budget, Mister Barish achieved a large increase in sales.

A webshop doesn’t only need to be easy to use for its administrator, but most importantly for its visitors. Thanks to the many plug-ins in the Shopify App Store, it is simple to expand the store with search filters, so that you can find the product you’re looking for fast and easy. The existing coffee database was integrated in the webshop, in order not to lose any information.

The result

A webshop with impact

A webshop is, on the other hand, and always will be a work in progress. Thanks to retargeting campaigns, promotion banners, visual optimisations, … Esign keeps on striving for the best generating coffee webshop in the Benelux. Mister Barish for the win.

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