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A new branding for Flamant deserves a fast and inspiring corporate website. And above all, online marketing campaigns that highlight this branding to the fullest. Which happens to be one of our areas of expertise. Coincidence?

A website that feels like home

Creating the ultimate feeling of coming home: that’s the essence of interior design brand Flamant. With a new branding and corporate website in their pockets, the online marketing team put a contemporary digital strategy on the table - a fully decorated one, of course.

Which actions did Esign take?

  • Google Advertising (a.k.a. SEA - what’s this?)
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Target audience qualification
  • Advice & analysis
  • Digital strategy in light of the new branding
  • Reporting & constant optimization
Which actions did Esign take?

We take offline customers online

The lockdown has left a deep impression on all of us, but even in rough times, Esign has its game face on. Physical stores such as Flamant were forced to close their doors, but they stayed open online, of course. So we had a job to do: turn offline into online sales and shift the focus to 100% digital. Esign let its digital creativity loose on the successful interior brand.

The result? A complete shift from offline to online sales. To keep reaching offline customers and window-shoppers, the marketing communication had to be digitally aligned.

All aspects of digital marketing

From digital strategy to online result

All hands on deck for the online marketeers at Esign: evaluating online advertisements, qualifying target groups, but also restructuring current campaigns. With extensive advice, we presented a new digital strategy, to generate more online sales.

From digital strategy to online result

Online marketing is for everyone and every budget

Who thinks digital marketing is only for the happy few, is mistaken. You can begin a campaign both with a large and small budget. You can monitor, up or downscale your digital campaigns where needed. That’s the beauty of them. If your organisation grows, online ads just grow with it. Even if you think you assume your company is too small to get far in an online strategy, as a creative web agency we voluntarily counter that argument. 

Online marketing is for everyone and every budget

An online head start with thought-out campaigns

Flamant started early in creating a marketing strategy. Thanks to the right tools, we were able to have a head start on the competition and on companies that are digitally less developed. We don’t love to talk about stone cold numbers, but because Flamant had to go online for a while during quarantine, we can’t avoid it. With the help of online campaigns, Flamant’s online target has not only been reached, but was also increased by somewhat 250%. Together with the offline sales since the reopening, their global target has skyrocketed. Is your brand next?

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