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Expert talks

Defensive CSS: better safe than sorry

Every developer who has actually written CSS will certainly recognise the following situation: you create a layout or component that looks great at first glance, but as soon as you use it with different texts, images or screen widths, all kinds of things suddenly start going wrong. The image is squashed out, a piece of text appears to take up much...

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React type checking: what is it? Why you need it?

JavaScript is defined as a “weakly typed” or “untyped” language which means that you don’t have to specify what type of data will be or is declared to a certain variable. It will automatically decide the type based on what value you give this variable. Which is considered smart, because it can figure out what type...

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Devtools, every webdeveloper's bestfriend

To test and tweak a website, it is essential that web developers can employ useful tools that are integrated into a browser. That is why Devtools exist. These tools from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are known by every developer, but recently Microsoft Egde (the default browser of Windows 10) also updated its devtools. Are they trying...

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Three.js is better than one.

At Esign we often get the opportunity to work on new and exciting projects. This also means that we have to stay innovative and keep expanding our own knowledge about the Front-End world. We get to use new and exciting libraries and we get the freedom to try out new ideas. For example we had a project which required a very specific and...

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To Flutter or not to Flutter?

Do you want to create your app with React Native or do you go for the newer and flashier Flutter? Both seem to have pro’s and con’s attached to them, so which one do you have to choose? Below we compare these 2 different frameworks in detail to determine which one the winner is for us. 

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Tailwind vs Bootstrap vs inline CSS

There is a lot of confusion about the differences between Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap and inline CSS. We explain the difference between Mixing Concerns and Separation of Concerns, why the three CSS 'ways' are worth looking at and why they are similar.

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The importance of accessible websites

For a lot of us, an accessible website is a given. But did you know that between 15 and 20% of all website visitors don't have a care free experience online? This is usually due to a vision, hearing, motor or cognitive disability. But as developers, we believe that everyone has the right to an enjoyable experience online. Therefore, we...

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