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Anyone who has ever eaten meat from Dierendonck knows it is not just meat. They put an enormous amount of passion, time and craftsmanship into it. So a webshop and marketing that propagates Dierendonck's values bound to happen. With an attractive webshop and well thought-out marketing, Esign brought the matured meat to the customer's front door.

Dierendonck are butchers with 3 important values: craftsmanship, terroir and passion. For over 40 years they try to let everyone taste their meat with love for taste and respect for animals and nature. We had the pleasure to give their webshop, where they sell their (h)honest, sustainably farmed meat, a new look.
Digital marketing

From brick-and-mortar to e-commerce

At the beginning of March 2020, the Dierendonck family faced a challenge: non-essential shops were closed. This resulted in a drop in sales in the Dierendonck Ateliers. They decided to go all-in on online marketing. Dry aged meat needs time to develop flavour, but the marketing campaigns we set up for Dierendonck took off like a rocket. Due to the rapidly changing setting, switching had to be done quickly. We researched the profile of Dierendonck's customers and set up beautiful campaigns, backed up by existing data.

From brick-and-mortar to e-commerce

A shift from offline to online sales: the stats

  • Website traffic increased by 147% compared to the previous period.  
  • There was an increase of 618.22% in orders in the first month since the campaigns went live compared to the previous period.
Data analysis

Fine-tuning with customer insights

The campaigns were fine-tuned on the basis of visitor and consumer data. By using Google Data Studio, we collected all interesting data sources in a clear overview. Convenient for us and for Dierendonck. We made weekly adjustments, resulting in a strong increase in sales via the online channels. We continue to fine-tune the campaigns on social media and Google: we use a well thought-out funnel strategy with various touch points: a frequency & reach campaign combined with thematic campaigns. Campaigns were structured in such a way that each visitor, each customer was shown specific boodshappen. In this way every potential consumer is approached in a different way and we succeed in setting up advertisements that do not feel like pure sales.

Fine-tuning with customer insights

A new webshop

By maximising the media budget, Dierendonck got a lot more traffic on the webshop. This gave us the opportunity to test some functionalities on the webshop. These insights were valuable and were implemented in the renewed, more user-friendly and contemporary webshop.


Order meat in a heartbeat

The webshop we built is a feast for the eyes. The consumer actually notices little of the ingenuity behind this site. The process of ordering fresh, traditionally cut meat online is very simple. The predictive search function allows consumers to find their favourite piece of meat in a blink of an eye. In the checkout, the customer can choose a delivery date based on the selected products. This way, the meat arrives just in time for the bbq or another festive meal. Dierendonck wanted to be able to determine the delivery and closing days themselves, so our developers set to work and built a custom app for Shopify. What's more, the orders are automatically put together based on the requested delivery date. This is then sent to the 'Atelier' to prepare the order.

Order meat in a heartbeat

Total control over design

In terms of appearance, Dierendonck asked for a webshop that was as dynamic as possible. They work with different seasonal themes and want to offer this to their online consumer too. We took care of pages that are easy to edit, for example: customizable content and order of the content blocks.

Other elements where our designers and developers have been able to show their dexterity:

  • Multilingualism of the site (Dutch, French, English)
  • The blog
  • Custom e-mail design