Crodeon Technologies goes all in when it comes to the Internet of Things. Not your strong suit? Yes, it is! It's Crodeon's mission to enable companies of all sizes to start making use of data. Their sensor device, the Reporter, allows you to monitor your data with an extremely easy set-up. Another bonus? They're designed and made in Belgium. Crodeon has Esign's support!

Ultra responsive & best use of space

That's a concept we can get behind. The ultra responsive website beautifully reflects the product's technological nature. When you toy with the size of your screen, you'll see that the text is scaled perfectly on every screen size. What's more, the quite comprehensive navigation was carried out exceptionally well on this website, and the images are optimised for different screen sizes. The maximum width is pinned to a point that's pleasant for everyone. Discover it directly from their website.
Frontend development

FAQ: prepared for customer questions

A great customer service is crucial! But you don’t have to handle every single question separately. An ideal channel to gather frequently asked questions, is an FAQ page, of course. The page ‘How it works’ functions as such. However, users aren’t presented with an endless text. Instead, they see a clear overview of questions they might have, visualised as accordion items. They are being unfolded with search parameters in the URL.

Tailor-made product page

On the product page, you can find all different collections. There, you can also buy all reporters, accessories and kits separately. But you can also choose a customized subscription. On this page, the transparent pricing options are carefully being presented. That way, you can select a pricing plan and number of advantages as you wish.

Corresponding photograph

What’s a webshop without product images? Appealing photos give your brand a unique look. Apart from that, it’s also the people around your brand that should carry it out. For that, you need lifestyle images, or photos in the field. Thankfully, Esign has its own wonderful in-house photographer to get that job done. With minimalistic, almost clinical, studio photography he brings Crodeon’s products to life.

You want the same?

Do you also want to sell your products online with a website or personalised photography? We look forward to meeting you!

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