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SPAR Colruyt Group

SPAR Colruyt Group

Want to shop in your local supermarket? SPAR is your way to go, of course! We created an online bakery for everyone who has trouble choosing and doesn't like queuing up...

We created a webshop for the SPAR bakery. With many types of bread, of course. But also accessible product pages, feasible pop-ups and notifications at the right time and an easily manageable CMS per SPAR point of sale
Content management system

Order freshly baked bread online: how it works

Freshly baked bread is something so typically SPAR, right? The local supermarket has such a personal approach. Using our beloved CMS, every shop owner can add their own products, categories and opening times. Because they can vary according to each location. Every SPAR manager can easily change the deadline or possible pick-up times for every individual product, directly in our CMS. There placed orders can be tracked and even exported. That way, shop owners have a clear overview and they can adjust an order if the customers has made a mistake.

Order freshly baked bread online: how it works

"There's so much more to a good product page than you would think."

- Jonathan, lead back-end developer

Back-end development

Bakery without queuing up, but all the choices

We all know that feeling: you're in front of the counter in the bakery and you just have no clue what to choose. A simple loaf of brown bread, or wholegrain? No, spelt bread is already sold out... And don't you think you've earned a delicious pastry or croissant today? With the online SPAR bakery, you can scroll through the entire range of products, find exactly what you're searching for using the search bar and place products in your shopping cart.

Bakery without queuing up, but all the choices

Custom websites for every client

Esign always looks for the best solution specifically for our clients. That's obvious, but our websites are completely custom made for every project. Without exception. That means we satisfy your needs, but also carefully examine your site's user experience based on your market. Because we know the WWW like no other.

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