The new website of Stas proves once again that our collaborations with Miss Blush are successful. With Miss Blush's redesign, Esign made sure the concept was translated into an online environment that is easy to manage. A site in no less than 13 languages was unique for Esign, but we brought to a successful conclusion.

Stas is an international player in the field of trailers, more specifically in the segment of tippers and self-unloading trailers. Sustainability in terms of their products, people and the planet is of paramount importance. For example, they were the first in Europe to start building trailers in recycled aluminium. Curious how they gave their long-term pleasure a new digital look? Be sure to check out their site.
International experience

A multitude of languages

Stas is active in many countries. A site where languages could be added as much as possible was therefore a must. Currently there are no less than 13 active languages, this ensures a personal experience for the user and reduces the distance between the brand and the buyer. For the developers at Esign it was a matter of making the back office in Unleash user-friendly so the languages could be added easily and conveniently.


Extensive personalisation

The multilingualism of the site also meant a different personalisation layer per language. That way, Stas can choose to display certain trailers in certain languages. This makes it possible to show consumers who are surfing from Poland only the tippers and self-unloading trailers that are available in their country. In addition, a PDF file containing all technical information for each trailer can be added in the user's language. The 'find your dealer' module shows how interesting the breakdown by language is for Stas. Consumers can search for the dealer responsible in their region. Thanks to an import of all postal codes from all different countries, Stas can determine which dealer belongs to which region or postal code. Another user-friendly addition for the end user!