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That CRU is happy with the result of their webshop is a fact. They even call it a milestone, and we are also very proud of the result we delivered for CRU. Thanks to Esign's front- and backend developers you can easily find everything on the webshop for your reception or daily meals.

No time to shop premium products at CRU? Now you can buy all your favourite items online. CRU wants you to enjoy simple, authentic products. In their physical shops they gather 10 different crafts under one roof. With the webshop they now also got a nice place online. This way you can order whilest sitting in your sofa and have it delivered to your front door or just pick it up in the store.
Back office


Unleash what? Unleash is our own CMS on which we have built CRU's webshop. Besides our expertise in Shopify, our own ecommerce platform allows us to design a completely custom-made webshop. Adapted to the needs and wishes of the customer. CRU chose to go down this road and discovered what Unleash is capable of.

  • Link with various payment providers
  • Our own page builder that allows you to make each page and block unique
  • Discount rules or price rules applicable to customer groups (think B2B) - quantity discounts
  • Show specific products to specific people
  • Integration of custom ERP packages

Connection to ERP packages

The difficulty for this webshop lays in the fact that we had to make our back office system talk to CRU's ERP packages (which bring different business processes together in one software programme). By doing so, customers can keep their current login and it enables a connection between the supply in the web shop and in the physical shops. The latter ensures that the product information is automatically retrieved in the web shop. Because an automatic push is sent from the web shop to the ERP system, picking in the shop also runs more smoothly: with one click on the button a picklist is generated.

Connection to ERP packages

Implementation of extensive tracking

As a web shop manager, you want to be aware of the performance of the actions that customers perform during their purchasing process. We took care of the implementation of various events via code snippets. This way, CRU can track events in their own customer management software.

Custom made

Some neat features

  • The fly-to-cart animation clearly indicates that you are dropping something in your shopping basket.
  • The orders are region-specific. This means that an order placed in Merelbeke is assigned to the nearest shop, which is in Ghent.
  • The footer is completely customizable to CRU's wishes.
  • Do you want 250 grams of steak or would you rather have a full piece? With a module, CRU can set up for which products they work per piece and/or per kilogram.
  • The calendar can be adjusted according to how busy it is (using colour codes).
Some neat features