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Umbrosa, unique shade design made in Belgium

What if you want to sell products online where the customer can choose to personalize the product? Then you knock on Esign's door and explain exactly how far you want to go in that personalization. This is the story of Umbrosa in a nutshell. Our developers and designers developed a webshop where the website visitor can compose his/her own unique sunshade.

At Umbrosa, it's all about 'custom made'. They want to give their customers as much freedom as possible to choose the sunshade that perfectly fits their needs. In the webshop, customers need to be informed about the different types of sunshade, but they also need to be able to design them according to their personal preferences. How we developed this, you'll find out for yourself:
Clear layout

Personalised products in a click

A major advantage of an online shop compared to a brick and mortar store is that you can show your customers all possible product variations ánd they can buy them right away. Our UX'ers and designers like a challenge and they managed to make customers discover the wide range of Umbrosa products in a user-friendly way. Umbrosa’s new webshop is packed with well-organised pages where customers can easily compose their own unique sunshade. Choose from different fabrics, length of the parasol holder, color of the materials, ... If the visitor adjusts the product, in any way, the price is automatically adjusted.

Personalised products in a click

Details matter

In terms of front end, this webshop was not the most difficult site to develop, but here you can see that we always finish a site down to the last detail: our developers never rest on their laurels. For example, responsiveness is completely on point. You can easily scroll, swipe and zoom through the webshop on any device. We also ensured that all videos are only loaded when the play button is pressed. This way, the pages load even faster. And finally, check out the nice animation on the input fields ;).

Details matter

Do you have a webshop with an extensive assortment and do you feel that the visitors have to search a lot before they find the right product? Let us do an analysis of your current website and make a proposal to refresh your site. We're ready to be challenged.

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