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We are excited to announce that we are in the process of translating our website into English to enhance your browsing experience. While we work on the English version, you can explore our new Dutch version. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for visiting!

Deals! by Colruyt Group

Deals! by Colruyt Group

Do you like to go to the supermarket to score the best deals? We understand you completely... The online promotional platform Deals! from Colruyt Group is even better, because you don't have to leave your seat. The promos are simply delivered to your home.

Our developers built Deals! by Colruyt Group in our trusted CMS Unleash. But every shop is different, so we made a lot of custom solutions for an optimal functioning of the platform.

Unleash CMS with custom solutions

All possible fields that are visible on the site can be easily adapted by Colruyt Group. Extra handy is the fact that you can plan all deals in advance. If a volume deal is added, you can add a start and end date on which the product may be visible. In addition, the benefit is automatically calculated and displayed, just like the number of items that are still in stock.

Which fields can Colruyt Group add in the CMS?

  • Product & brand
  • Quantity in stock
  • Start and end date of the deal
  • Possibility to highlight item
  • Visibility in Dutch and French
  • Expected delivery time
  • Maximum order quantity
  • Description
  • Benefit Line
Unleash CMS with custom solutions

How does it work exactly?

Do you have an Xtra card? Sign in to Deals! or continue as a guest and select the deal! you want to score. There is a limit to the number that a customer can put in their shopping basket. By grouping deliveries, Deals! delivers cost-efficiently to the home and the cost to the customer remains minimal.

How does it work exactly?

Advantage for the customer, but also advantage for Colruyt Group: everything goes automatically!

  • An export is automatically sent to the invoicing service every week.
  • If the stock of an item is topped up, "extra stock" appears automatically on the website.
  • The City Depot delivery service receives a daily export of the purchases, so that they can be delivered in turn.
  • When certain orders are sent, the system automatically links back to the site and the customer receives an e-mail that it has been delivered.
  • The deals that are visible are automatically exported in order to set up efficient shopping campaigns.
Deals! by Colruyt Group

Large amounts of traffic? No problem!

The online platform has been made so efficient that it can handle large amounts of traffic. At the launch of the platform, many enthusiasts were ordering on the site at the same time, but thanks to our preparation and effective approach, this went without a hitch.

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