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Streamic, the digital event platform

Interactive events, more than digital.

What if you want to organise an event, but you cannot find a location for all your visitors? Or there are interested people/speakers who can't bridge the distance? Or a virus prevents you from gathering hundreds visitors in one room...? "Then we just find a solution, don't we?" - we thought at Esign. Admittedly, it wasn't easy but we are so proud of our own child of 2020: a streaming platform for all kinds of digital and/or hybrid events. Streamic.

In the meantime, we are thoroughly fed up with this ongoing pandemic - of course we will continue to wash our hands and put on our mouth masks - but we cannot deny that it has led us to creative solutions. First our Love from Quarantine platform to support local merchants during the lockdown periods and now a streaming platform that we are very proud of. With Streamic we bring the total experience of live events to the participants' living rooms.

What is Streamic?

We've developed a product in which organising digital events will be a breeze. Besides the streaming platform itself, we also offer a website where the organiser can promote and provide information about the event to (potential) participants. Our developers show a lot of their skills in this new project. Streamic was developed in such a way that everything can be customised. The whole layout can be adjusted for a specific event, but the functionalities of the platform can vary as well. This fits in perfectly with the idea of turning digital events into unique events, just as you would experience them live.

What is Streamic?

What does Streamic excel in?

Streamic includes a whole range of functionalities that can be adapted to suit your project. We would like to highlight the features we are most proud of.

1. The chat 
You can interact with other participants in different ways, at different levels. Through one-on-one chats, group chats in the lobby or with a limited group in breakout rooms, you can easily get in touch with each other. A clear layout ensures that you always know which chat you are in. 

2. Organized Q&A's
During an event you must prepare yourself for questions, especially if it is an interactive event. With Streamic, anyone can ask questions at any time. And thanks to our upvote system, the most relevant questions bubble to the surface. 

3. Live polls
Because it is not always easy to create interaction with the audience during online events, we've integrated live polls. This gives you the opportunity to let everyone participate in a creative way during the event. Moreover, you can analyse valuable insights from the polls afterwards. 

4. The tech stack
A somewhat more technical fact that our developers like to show off, is the combination of frameworks in the Streamic backend. By using both GraphQL API and React, we can quickly respond to new features that customers want. 

What does Streamic excel in?

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