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Etixx Sports

Passionate about sports?

Etixx develops sports nutrition in which the athlete is central. With a large range of sophisticated, balanced food products and supplements, Etixx needed an organized site. In their new webshop, you will find all their products, which you can easily buy online or collect from one of the points of sale. The latter are easy to find via the store locator.

At Esign, we have a soft spot for sports. In addition to several sponsorships with sports clubs and numerous customers who have something to do with sport, the new webshop of Etixx was a nice challenge for our developers. The goal? To inform professional and amateur sportsmen and women about nutritional supplements and to make it easy for them to buy them. Judge for yourself:

What could be more convenient for a novice athlete than a nice overview of all the sports nutrition by sport? Check it out on the site and give us the answer! The Esign developers put it all together in a page per sport where you can see what kind of nutrition you should be consuming before, during and after your workout. And easiest of all? You can add it to your shopping basket within a click.

Etixx Sports

Store locator

Speaking of the shopping basket, Etixx can also grant discount codes to certain sports clubs. Member of one of the clubs? Then you can also choose to pick up your order at a pharmacy of your choice during the check-out process. In addition, the store locator was also completely custom built. It may not sound very impressive, but you would be surprised at all the logic that is hidden behind this webshop.

Etixx Sports

Shipping labels

Another nice extra feature in this webshop that our developers like to show off, is the generation of shipping labels. After the customer has paid and completed the order, the webshop talks to the API (Application Programming Interface) of UPS on which a shipping label is generated. Etixx is then able to find each individual label as an image file in Unleash (Esign's own back office) and can print it out. Just stick it on the shipping box and off you go!