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PostNL app for Shopify

PostNL app for Shopify

The past few months, we have been working hard on developing the perfect Shopify app for PostNL. With all functionalities that you would expect from a great shipment app, and more! That's just how our developers roll...

Ecom has been changing. A lot! Your customers want more shipping methods, and now you can offer it to them. The best part is that you don’t even need to work for it. Our PostNL app for Shopify is available to anyone with a Shopify store. Plus, it’s free. Try it out!

Shopify PostNL app
Link your webshop

Easy set-up

Usability is key with this app! That starts with an easy set-up. Follow these 3 steps to link your webshop:

  1. Login to My PostNL and create an API key*.
  2. Download the plug-in in the Shopify App Store.
  3. Open the plug-in in your Shopify environment and choose your preferences based on the instructions.

*What is an API key? It's a code that you copy and paste in the app. That way, PostNL knows that your account and the app match. Done? Let the shipment begin!

Extra shipment method at checkout

At checkout, let your customers choose whether they want to receive their order at home or collect it from a local PostNL-point. A PostNL courrier picks up the package and delivers it to your customer. The shipment is easily tracable thanks to the track & trace link, which is automatically shared with your customers so they can effortlessly track their order.

Extra shipment method at checkout
Advantages for shop owners

Create shipping labels with 1 click

Are you looking for an efficient way to ship your orders? With the PostNL app for Shopify, webshop owners can litteraly create shipping labels with a single click. No more printing labels manually one by one. Shipping becomes very easy, no matter how many orders you have. That saves you a lot of time.

If you have multiple parcels or orders to be delivered to the same receiver address, sometimes it's best to choose a multicollo shipment. This functionality in the app allows you to combine multiple boxes into one delivery. For customers in the Netherlands it's oftentimes cheaper to create a multicollo shipment.

Create shipping labels with 1 click
Advantages for consumers

Better service for customers

Consumers have high standards when it comes to delivery. With the PostNL app you can live up to their expectations. For instance, you can create many different shipping methods in Shopify. Most orders will be delivered to Belgium or the Netherlands, but you can also ship to the EU and even worldwide. And of course, our developers have considered your returns. Create return labels in the app and it will automatically send the right label to your customer.

Questions about our app?