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Jeune Premier

Jeune Premier

At the beginning of 2020, Jeune Premier decided (quite rightly!) to sell their personalisable book bags to everyone in the world. Discover how Esign made an international strategy possible.

Local marketing strategy

From 80 sold school bags in 2012 to 120,000 in 2020. Great numbers that Jeune Premier can present. Because the school bags are for sale online from China to Canada, a clear distinction in the online marketing structures was very important. The webshop developed by Esign also has an ingenious system that calculates the correct VAT rate for every consumer from any country.

Identifying the target group

In order to lead the the most interested customers to the webshop, Esign made an analysis of Jeune Premier's target audience. This is where the fun started: we were briefed to target very precisely. Therefore, we set up a number of experiments to see which customers would convert. A successful campaign that we started in Belgium, and eventually extended to Europe, the US and Russia. Of course, it still remains a challenge to keep this target group broad enough so that the audience doesn’t run out of potential customers. 

Jeune Premier

How did we take Jeune Premier to an international level?

  • Analysis and advice
  • Digital strategy, land based
  • Google Advertising 
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Yandex Advertising
  • Target group qualification
  • Reporting & continuous optimisation

A specific target group requires a specific channel

From the moment the school principal himself wondered where those nice school bags came from, Jeune Premier knew they couldn't keep the personalized items for themselves. By choosing the right marketing channels, Esign supports the brand's sales and reputation. Google advertising, social media advertising, as well as the Russian search engine Yandex are used to target the right target audience. 


Jeune Premier

Tailor-made technical work

Not only did we provide Jeune Premier with a sustainable marketing strategy, the new webshop was also built on a solid technical foundation, in Shopify. Although you will find a lot of school bags and accessories on the Jeune Premier webshop, Esign's web developers made it very easy to search them. They equipped the webshop with predictive search and extensive filters so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.

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