Magazines outdated? Think again! Ordering (digital and on paper) magazines online can now go very smoothly - with the wonderful and user-friendly online magazine Shopify store Tijdschriftenwinkel.be.

Custom Shopify webshop

This contemporary magazine webshop was built in Shopify. Selling is made easy with Shopify's ecommerce. Esign's creative minds custom-designed and developed this clean and user-friendly store. But also everything under this Shopify hood is easily manageable, even if you’re not a developer. For instance, our client can with a simple gesture add promotions, the most recent magazines and unique collector’s items to the home page. 

Collection pages

In Shopify, you can of course group  products into collections to make it easier for customers to find them by category. If a website visitor clicks on a collection, they will see an overview of every magazine the webshop offers. They can filter by issue - digital or on paper, and the prices changes along with the filter.

If you want to follow a certain magazine’s activity, we have made that very uncomplicated. Our developers have implemented the magazine’s Instagram feed , along with a Facebook link and website URL.

On every product page, you can find extensive information about every magazine issue. Do you want to present it as a gift? Check the box "gift-wrapping" and your item will be beautifully gift-wrapped when you add it to your basket. Not sure if this magazine, or rather the specific issue is right for you? With the button "View example" you'll receive a rather comprehensive preview.

Find what you’re looking for, fast

Developers are born to develop, especially ours. They just keep on extending our very own Shopify template. That way, we keep this webshop up-to-date and, fresh, but also even more user-friendly for the website visitor than before. These are the latest adjustments:

  • The predictive search model allows you to search for a specific product on any page.
  • WIth related products, consumers are offered similar, cross-selling products. Thanks to a wonderful feature that uses a quite complicated formula, which makes this copywriter’s head explode - thus, technical Shopify expertise is very much required.

Shopify, the holy grail

Shopify is the leader of all ecommerce platforms and it will definitely take your online store to the next level. User-friendliness and flexibility are key. Creating a sales channel that is perfect for your brand, managing your shop with ease and on top of that, marketing your products: all of this is not too much trouble for Shopify. Also joining this party? Our knowledge, expertise and creativity. And the promise that we will develop a personal, unique webshop for you.